August 17, 2017
Notes by: Brian Bentley

Notes for Presentation
KWVoIP meeting, Thursday, August 24, 2017

In any browser on any device go to
Install and run the Appear.In app for iOS or Android

To begin a new room click on "Create a room", or
To go to an existing room click on "Enter existing room", type in the existing room's
name, and click "Enter room"
(I own the room KWVoIP-BrianB. Join me. I might get a notification that you entered.)
There is a Chrome extension for Appear.In
If you want to have a specific room name that you can control and make private, you will
have to register. You will be prompted to register if you Log In, Sign Up, or Claim your
Room. No passwords are involved. To connect you need your registered email address
and a code sent by email or phone.

Video Demos